Snickers Power Core Gloves


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  • 7 XS
  • 8 S
  • 9 M
  • 10 L
  • 11 XL
  • 12 XXL
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Works everywhere. Reinforced Snickers Power Core Work Gloves with reliable protection for all-round use. Features curved design and amazing grip for enhanced working comfort. EN388.
  • Ergonomic curved design sculptured to minimise restraint and optimise grip
  • Finger tips are designed for good precision and high comfort
  • Durable, water protective and smart phone compatible Polyurethane material at palm side and elastic dorsal side for outstanding comfort and freedom of movement
  • Slip in design, elastic cuff and rubber pull-tab make it very easy to put on the gloves
  • Cushioning at palm side and protective reinforced knuckles for support and high protection
Material: Polyamide 50%, Polyurethane 40%, Polyester 3%, PVC 5%, Silicon 2%